Pokemon GO has stopped working: You may be wondering that why every time you tries to open the Pokemon GO app and it crashes immediately. If you are also tired of sawing the message that Pokemon GO has stopped working then here is the guide. Today we are going to discuss how to solve the Pokemon GO has stopped working error. First, we will talk about why this problem happens. Then we will decide how to solve this problem. If you want to solve the error and play Pokemon GO on your smartphone then you must follow this guide.

Why Pokemon Go Is Not Working? {Solution}

The app may be stopping because it’s not installed properly. There must be some problems with the installation of the app which causes this error. Maybe while installing it you have closed the installed early before it installed or maybe any other reason. This can be one of the reasons which cause this problem but this is not the only reason. This problem can also be caused due to installing a corrupted apk file. Yes, this can be the reason for crashing of the app. If you are not able to use the app right from the installation then the problem is with the apk file. In that case, you must download the new apk from our link as it’s verified by us to be the working one. Also if you have tried to hack the application from the third party app then that could also be the reason.

If you want to download and run the hacked or moded version of Pokemon GO app then you can also download it from the Tutu app. For those who don’t know about the Tutu app, we have described it briefly.

Check out:- Download and Install TutuApp Pokemon Go Hack

About Tutu app

Briefly, Tutu app is a Chinese app marketplace where you can find all Android and iOS application for free. Tutuapp not only provides the app for downloading but it also provides previous versions of that app. Also by using Tutu app you can download mod apk (hacked versions) for free. You may face some difficulties while downloading the hacked version of apps but now you can do it easily with the help of tutu app.

We have also prepared a step by step guide to install tutu app on your smartphone you can also follow that guide. I will attach the link to that guide in this article as you need to follow that before downloading and install Saavn pro apk on your smartphone.

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